All About Pull-Ups

Pull-ups, one of the most underrated exercise for developing the muscles and strength of the back, some people call them the upper body squat. Although they are considered an old school exercise by some, doing pull-ups on a regular basis in your training sessions can bring many benefits for your physique.

Develops Back Muscles
Pull-ups are one of the best exercises for overall back development, this statement being supported by the fact that it uses almost all the back muscles in its movement. So, if you miss a back muscle in other exercises that you do for your overall back development, you will definitely work it in a pull-up. Make sure to do them with proper form if you want to get a defined back.

Develops Secondary Muscles
Being a compound exercise, pull-ups will involve a lot of other muscles in its movement, muscles like: deltoids, biceps, forearms and other. All these muscles will be worked at a significant degree when you are doing a pull-up, thing which will make them increase in size. Make sure that when you are doing a pull-up to use your back muscles to lift your body and not the secondary muscles. This is a common mistake which many beginners and also intermediate lifters do, so be careful how you do them.

Increase Strength
Doing strict pull-ups will not only help you develop your back and other secondary muscles, but they will help you also to develop the upper body’s strength. All the strength gained from pull-ups will be transferred in all the exercises that involve the back muscles, exercises like: deadlifts, rows, bench press, cleans, jerks and others.

Become a Better Athlete
If you want to become a stronger and a better athlete you have to incorporate pull-ups in your training routines, mainly if you are doing sporting activities that require grip strength or posterior chain stability, sports like: CrossFit, runners, swimming, football, soccer, martial arts, mixed martial arts, and many other sports.

Kipping Pull-Ups
This variation of pull-up, namely kipping pull-up is often used in CrossFit. Although this type of pull-up is very criticized by bodybuilders, however kipping pull-ups are a very effective and useful exercise. They improve speed, develop the back and other secondary muscles, develop strength and also you will improve also your aerobic capacity. If you, make sure to include kipping pull-ups in your workout you won’t regret it.

As you can see pull-ups are not another hyped up exercise from the fitness industry. It is one of the most effective exercises and can easily be fitted in the top 10 of the best exercises of all times.