BOGO HIT Supplements

BOGO on all HIT Supplements. These are great products from a company that cares about CrossFitters.

“I am so blown away by the flavor of the HIT Supplements pre workout powder that I want to drink it during the day just for taste. I have noticed that it provides all the necessary training aids, without the jittery side effects that I get from the others. I have noticed a hardness to my muscles, during my workouts that I have never experienced from superpump 250 or N.O Explode. I am looking forward to using this product from now on. I am also enjoying the smoothness and flavor of the whey protein formula. It mixes nice and is a pleasure to drink. Thanks guys.”

“After trying HIT Supplements Core Athlete whey protein and new pre workout all i can say is, dang! Their protien has a amazing amino acid profile and a taste that is out of this world. Their pre workout actually really interested me beacuase of the 6 grams of N.O blend with promising ingredients and an amzing 7.1 gram energy/strength blend. This is a newer company that is definetly going to be making a stamp on the industry. My favorite part is that their entire line of supplements is free of anything banned for natural athletes just like me.”

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